3D Digital Full-Arch Ecosystem

Lecture and Hands On


Integrating a 3D facial scan and combining it with CBCT and IOS will help eliminate many of these long appointments while simplifying esthetic and functional challenges most commonly associated with full-arch dentistry.

Identification of which workflow option works best for specific situations and experience levels will be addressed. Each participant will scan a partner with an IOS and 3D facial scan. In addition, 3D printing techniques will be discussed, demonstrated, and include hands-on activities.

Course objectives

Enhance Efficiency and Time Savings

Attendees will learn strategies to reduce the number of appointments and chair time by 70%,

resulting in significant time savings for both doctors and patients.

They will understand how to streamline the entire digital workflow, from pre-surgery to the final

prosthesis, in less than five appointments, improving efficiency and minimizing delays.

Attendees will be introduced to cutting-edge technology, including facial scanners, FI3LD unique

parts, and advanced algorithms, which they can utilize to optimize the efficiency of their

workflow and save valuable time.

Ensure Precision and Aesthetic Consistency

Attendees will acquire the knowledge and techniques to establish a precise alignment between

implants and the prosthesis, eliminating aesthetic concerns and ensuring optimal results for

their patients.

They will be guided on how to guarantee aesthetic consistency, preventing issues such as ill-

fitting prosthesis or uneven smiles, which can impact the overall appearance and patient


Promote Accessibility and Affordability

Attendees will learn how the FI3LD workflow is designed to be user-friendly and easy to adopt,
eliminating the need for extensive training and complex integration processes. They will be able
to quickly assimilate the technology into their practice.

They will understand the advantages of FI3LD as an affordable alternative to costly systems,
emphasizing its simplicity and potential for no-cost acquisition in certain instances.

Attendees will gain insights on enhancing compatibility with existing systems and processes,
ensuring a seamless integration of the FI3LD workflow. This will enable them to leverage the
benefits of the digital ecosystem while addressing crucial aspects necessary for a comprehensive
and efficient practice.

By participating in our course, attendees will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to
enhance efficiency, ensure precision, and promote accessibility and affordability within their
practice, ultimately revolutionizing the full arch industry and providing exceptional care to their


Prof. Frank-Charles Pope

Introducing Frank-Charles Pope, a trailblazer in the realm of Dental Technology, whose passion for excellence has shaped the industry since 1980. Commencing his career with a three-year National Dental Technology program in the picturesque city of Nice, France.

Driven by an insatiable thirst for expertise, he sought training from esteemed Ceramic masters across continents, mastering advanced esthetic techniques in France, Germany, Japan, and the United States.

In 1995, Frank-Charles embarked on an extraordinary journey with a renowned esthetic laboratory in Northern California. His exceptional skills and visionary leadership quickly propelled him to the role of Vice President, catalyzing the company’s exponential growth from 50 to an astounding 750 employees in three years. A natural mentor, he personally nurtured and guided hundreds of talented technicians, and managers solidifying his position as an industry icon.

A milestone achievement came in 2009 when Frank-Charles co-founded Allure Dental Studio in Tracy, California. Under his guidance, the laboratory swiftly gained national acclaim for its unparalleled excellence in implant laboratory services.

Over the past thirteen years, Frank-Charles has undertaken thousands of chairside conversions, showcasing his mastery of diverse techniques, including, and not limited to denture conversions, fully guided surgeries, and pioneering the integration of facial scanners into the full digital workflow.

Driven by a profound belief in technology’s potential to better patient care, Frank-Charles Pope co-founded FI3LD Dental Solutions—a pioneering digital ecosystem meticulously crafted to revolutionize the full arch industry. At its core, FI3LD Dental Solutions harnesses cutting-edge technology, from state-of-the-art facial scanners to FI3LD unique parts and advanced algorithms, empowering Dentists to seamlessly embrace a fully digital workflow, elevating efficiency, and precision in their practices.

His profound expertise in implant Dentistry, particularly the treatment concept of AOX type cases, has made him a sought-after authority. Daily, he immerses himself in surgeries, diligently guiding and troubleshooting AOX cases for doctors across the globe. Passionate about sharing his insights, he captivates audiences on both national and international stages, fervently lecturing on treatment concepts for full arch immediate load.

Among his numerous accolades, Frank-Charles holds the distinction of being the driving force behind the acclaimed Conmetior VDO gauge. Additionally, one of the main inventors of the implantBox, became a transformative cornerstone in the industry when acquired by BioHorizons and evolved into the renowned TeethXpress/CaseXpress. As an instructor of the TeethXpress course, he continues to shape the future of dental professionals, imparting wisdom, and knowledge to the next generation.

Frank-Charles Pope stands as a true pioneer, consistently pushing the boundaries of dental technology and implant dentistry. His remarkable journey, marked by innovation, leadership, and an unwavering dedication to excellence, has earned him the admiration and respect of dentists around the world.

February, 16th-17th 2024

9:00am to 5:00pm

Lecture and Hands On


American Dental Institute, Orlando, Florida

US$ 3,495



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