Scan, Plan, Place, Restore using X-Guide

July 19th, 2024

Live patient demonstrative surgery

8:00am – 5:00pm


Program description

We first will review guided implant placement starting with using periapical imaging, then two-dimensional tomography, to today’s state of the art cone beam computed tomography. Freehand, static guided, and now dynamically guided surgery will be compared. Most exciting, however, will be the demonstration of how to integrate those advancements with intraoral scanning and photogrammetry to simply scan, plan, place, and restore prostheses safely and predictable. Bench hands on demonstrations as well as surgery on live patient demonstration will provide a unique opportunity for the clinician.


Advanced restoration technique using SprintRay 3D Printing digital technology.  We will print a ceramic crown and use it as a provisional. The ability to scan, plan, and place an implant using X-Guide gps guided surgery.


Dr. Isaac Angel

Dr. Isaac Angel has proudly served the residents of Central Florida since 1985 providing periodontal, dental implant, and oral medicine services.

He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Microbiology from California State University at Long Beach in 1977 while at the same time, under the mentorship of Dr. Michael G. Newman participated in the establishment of Oral Microbiology Laboratory at the UCLA School of Dentistry. There he along with Dr. Newman’s team studied the flora associated periodontal states. Of particular interest was the microbiota associated with Papillon-Lefevre Syndrome patients.

Dr. Angel then obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the State University of Buffalo School of Dentistry in 1983. After that he attended Farileigh Dickinson University School of Dentistry completing his specialty training in periodontology in 1985.

His private practices in both Orange and Osceola Counties Florida are based on the credo “Excellence is the gold standard upon which we are all judged”. In this light, his practices emphasize the use of genetically engineered growth factors in his efforts to restore periodontal health as well as the use of three dimensional imaging along with the use of dynamical guided technique in safely and predictably placing dental implant fixtures.

Dr. Angel has lectured on the predicable placement and restoration of dental implants throughout the State of Florida. Additionally, he contributed to textbooks on specialty dental imaging where he demonstrated the radiographic appearance of common dental implant complications.

Dr.Angel is a proud life member of the American Academy of Periodontology and his practice has been identified by both implant manufactures and Xnay as a center for clinical excellence.

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Live patient demonstrative surgery


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Scan, Plan, Place, Restore using X-Guide


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