Transform Your Practice with FI3LD's Complete AOX Digital Platform


May, 17th and 18th, 2024

8:00am – 5:00pm

U$ 2,999


Course Announcement

Discover the evolution of dentistry through our innovative Complete Digital AOX Platform course. This immersive 2-day program transcends conventional digital approaches, eliminating the need for costly photogrammetry. Join us on this transformative journey that you will be able to immediately, integrate and into your practice.  The course reaches its zenith with participants leaving not only equipped with technical expertise but also armed with the tools and knowledge to revolutionize their approach to AOX dentistry.

Through engaging hands-on exercises, participants gain practical experience with 3D facial scanning technology and smile design, unlocking the potential of digital tools for comprehensive patient care. Insights into FI3LD’s Companion further enhance the onboarding experience, making the transition to this groundbreaking digital workflow seamless. Key topics such as financing, practice growth, and sedation will provide comprehensive insights into their crucial roles into the FI3LD AOX Digital Platform.

Special Feature: Augmented Reality (AR) in Dentistry

Witness firsthand how AR technologies are reshaping dental procedures during our special segment on Augmented Reality in dentistry. Explore enhanced visualization, real-time guidance, and improved treatment outcomes in this exciting addition to the core curriculum.


Acquire proficiency in the seamless integration of FI3LD’s Complete Digital AOX Platform.

Gain insight into implementing a complete digital workflow, eliminating the need for photogrammetry.

Analyze and address the challenges associated with current alternatives, including high costs, complexity, training barriers, and technological limitations.

Recognize the significance of prosthetically driven full arch dentistry with 3D facial scanning.

Learn strategies to maximize the utilization of your current digital technology, ensuring the most predictable and efficient outcomes.

Explore key topics such as finance, implants, practice growth, and sedation, providing comprehensive insights into their crucial roles in advanced dental practices.

Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your AOX cases. Enroll now for an unparalleled experience in digital dentistry, co-presented by industry leaders in financing, practice growth, and sedation!


Prof. Larry Stites

Larry’s journey in the field of dental technology commenced when he successfully graduated from San Francisco City College’s Dental Technology program in 1977. Over the subsequent decade, he honed his craft in laboratories across Northern California, mastering an array of laboratory fabrication techniques.

In 1987, he embarked on an entrepreneurial path, founding his laboratory, “Next to Nature,” nestled in Gilroy, California. Larry’s commitment to excellence pushed him to expand his horizons through advanced esthetic techniques, learning from ceramic masters in Europe and Japan. This dedication soon led to an enticing partnership with a prominent European ceramic manufacturer and the emergence of his reputation as a leading educator and product developer.

In 1996, Larry entered a new phase of his dental career by joining Micro Dental Laboratory, a nationally renowned esthetic laboratory. By 2007, his expertise catapulted him to the role of Vice President of Technical Training and Research and Development for Micro/DTI, which, at the time, was the fourth largest laboratory group in North America. Larry was an early adopter of digital dentistry and played an essential role in training a globally recognized team of digital technicians.

In 2008, he orchestrated the construction of a cutting-edge CAD/CAM department, integrating various technology platforms.

Capitalizing on his unparalleled 48-year journey, Larry co-founded Allure Dental Studio in 2009 alongside his longtime friend and colleague, Frank-Charles Pope. Their combined laboratory experience, totaling 90 years, paved the way for the realization of their vision – a high-quality laboratory specializing in Full Arch AOX workflows and digital technologies. A core focus of their mission is to prioritize ongoing education for collaborating doctors, fostering enduring relationships and fruitful partnerships.

Larry’s accomplishments extend to co-inventing Teeth Xpress in 2014. A decade later, he continues to impart his extensive 15-year chairside experience in surgical and restorative procedures through Teeth Xpress courses in collaboration with BioHorizons.

Globally recognized as a foremost digital innovator, Larry pioneered the creation of the first natural tooth library integrated into 3shape Dental Designer software. As design software evolved and the need for enhanced tools became apparent, Larry introduced the Wacom Cintiq to the field of dentistry. This innovation, which allowed for the use of a pen for more artistic digital smile designs and AOX cases, marks a significant advancement in digital dental designs.

Larry maintains close collaborations with several prominent implant and technology companies, actively contributing as a development partner. In the past decade, his primary focus has been on advancing AOX digital techniques for case planning, streamlining surgical and restorative procedures. Drawing from his extensive chairside experience, Larry continues to lead a team of digital experts who work with state-of-the-art digital technologies and chairside techniques. He remains committed to an extensive speaking schedule across North America, engaging with audiences at Teeth Xpress, The Burke Academy, Centurion Center, Academy of Modern Implants, and ADI/ American Dental Institute.

The year 2021 marked a significant milestone as Larry and his partners founded FI3LD Dental Solutions. This venture is built upon a combination of 3D technology, implant scan parts, and a unique digital workflow tailored for Digital Full AOX workflows. This groundbreaking concept and system are designed to simplify the treatment of AOX patients through digital means, presenting a revolutionary approach to the field.

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