A Dental Implant Practice’s success depends on the collaborative effort of all team members providing care. According to the American College of Prosthodontists, more than 36 million Americans are edentulous, and 120 million are missing at least one tooth, with numbers expected to grow exponentially. In addition, today, patients have an opportunity to seek a more stable smile with healthy long-term outcomes; therefore, it is paramount that we are prepared as a team to deliver optimized care to our patients’ changing needs.

During this program, Lynn and Debbie share a new perspective to engage your patients toward implant therapies. This interactive program is designed to assist the attendee in defining individualized risk assessments, identifying the best client candidate based on understanding implant maintenance and therapy, integrating the most cutting-edge office therapies, and optimizing at-home tools for long-term health.


Define risks to the patient before engaging in a comprehensive restorative protocol

Review the history of osseointegration and the evolution of dental implant treatment options and workflows ranging from a single tooth to full-arch

Review dental implant components and materials and how they affect the patient’s individualized needs

Review of post-surgical aftercare, recall maintenance, and prevention of Peri-implantitis for long-term success


Better identification and preparation of the team for optimized patient success in implant restoration modalities.

Increased implant case presentation due to overall Team Triage© understanding and patient collaboration.
More confident teams that effectively communicate and deliver optimized therapy contribute to the practice’s success.

This webinar is an introduction to a live full-day hands-on class component.


Debbie Zafiropoulos, RDH, BS, BA

Debbie Z is a lifelong learner and is respectfully known in the industry as vigilant, cutting edge, and relatable. She has a go-big and get better way of thinking. She is personable, authentic and her passion is contagious. When you meet her, you will want to spend more time in her presence, her energy just radiates! Debbie is the CEO of the OralED Institute, a Partner with Delta Force Group Consulting; a collaborative firm that leads you from current state to desired state, serves as the Partner in Education for the Wellness Dentistry Network and Co-Founder and Instructor with MoradoASC mentoring and nurturing future speakers, authors, and success minded professionals.

Debbie has developed and cultivated diversified relationships with some of the top corporate companies in the health & wellness industry. Debbie serves on several boards as an Advisor and Consultant with responsibilities in program development, product creation, collaborative training development, educational systems, and marketing campaigns. Debbie is often asked to research, develop, create, and deliver online educational programs and continuing education events. Debbie is a well-respected and sought-after Key Opinion Leader and Influencer whose message is persistence in the forward motion of education and implementation.

In 2016, Debbie was selected as the SUNSTAR Award of Distinction recipient for her relentless activities to better our profession. In 2017 Debbie was also recognized as one of the Top 25 Women in Dentistry for her advances in prevention of oral diseases in relation to systemic diseases and the truth about HPV related oral cancer. In 2022 Debbie was nominated and received her Fellowship in the International Academy for Dental-Facial Esthetics for her expertise and service in interdisciplinary efforts associated with various professions to create new pathways of education and technology implementation to serve the esthetic patient more knowledgeably, effectively, and efficiently.

Debbie’s unique and energetic perspective and influence is always in high demand. She has developed and delivered programs locally and internationally with these well-known companies: Crown Seating, CEZoom, Sunstar, CloSYS, MicrobelinkDX, OralB, AirTechniques, Viva Learning, StellaLife, PlaqueHD, ProBiora Health, American Eagle Instruments, OralDNA Labs, Pennwell, OraVital, PDT Instruments, Coltene Whaledent, Lips Inc., Straumann, Geistlich Biomaterials, Young Dental, DentalEZ, Forward Science, Florida Probe, BioMetrics from Spain & Innovato Holdings from Rhodes Greece, Swiss Dental Academy in Switzerland. Debbie is also a curriculum developer and instructor at the Dental Future Center in Ft. Washington, Pennsylvania and Morado Dental Academy in Gilbert, Arizona and one of the founding consultants for MoradoASC: Allied Speakers & Consultants. Debbie is on staff at the Dental Future Center in Pennsylvania as well as a founding member and Fellow at the Academy of Oral Systemic Health.

As a tireless Pioneer Health Crusader, Educator & Author dedicated to Total Health Initiatives and Making Cancer History, Debbie continues to develop and present very popular and sought out cutting edge programs. Her live and often sold-out educational programs are a meeting planner’s dream and Debbie continues to deliver the message all over the world. Debbie’s experiences in life and in the classroom have solidified her conviction that education is prevention. She hopes to live her life inspiring others to pursue their dreams, seek unconditional love and use their faith to create change in the world.

In 2015 after losing a friend to a late-stage oral cancer diagnosis after defeating triple negative breast cancer; Debbie was determined to never let another friend, family member, patient, or a complete stranger be placed at risk of an under-diagnosed oral abnormality converting into cancer. She quickly drew on her experience, perspective and determination and put a plan into action. This passion drove her to form the NationalCancerNetwork.org a 501(C) (3), whose vision is to raise awareness of prevention, progress, screening and referrals for a vision of a world free of cancer. Within a short 16 months, the NationalCancerNetwork.org is growing into a highly effective and charitable organization.

Debbie often says:

“Delay is the enemy of action, Fear stagnates action and neither exist in a hero’s heart, eliminate both by constantly moving and learning and your heart will be open to be your own super hero!

Lynn Pencek, RDH, MS

Lynn Pencek is a facilitator between industry and clinicians. Having experience both as a clinician and seasoned industry representative, she speaks both languages of clinical providers and industry leaders.

When working with Envista, the foremost dental implant company, Lynn lead the charge to deliver cutting-edge patient care and rapidly changing technology. While working with confident teams that effectively communicate and deliver optimized therapy, Lynn experienced what contributes to a successful practice. As a school manager for Hu-Friedy, Lynn has targeted insights for finding the best instrument designs to aid clinicians in optimal efficiency. Lynn’s goal is to share her experience with surgical assisting, clinical workflows, digital case planning, account and inventory management, marketing, and patient education for case acceptance.

Exceeding goals as a territory manager for Nobel Biocare, and multiple annual member of the Orascoptic Presidents Club, Lynn has developed relationships with dental teams and has become a trusted resource in the community. Lynn has a unique insight into how the dental industry leads the clinical practice and how clinical practice leads the industry. Lynn has served on the corporate council for Dimensions of Dental Hygiene, representing both Nobel Biocare and Orascoptic.

Lynn started her clinical career as a graduate of Broome County Community College Department of Dental Hygiene. She graduated from Thomas Jefferson University’s Department of Dental Hygiene Baccalaureate program and received her Master of Science in Dental Hygiene from The University of Maryland School of Dentistry. Lynn has held Dental Hygiene faculty appointments at Thomas Jefferson University and Community College of Philadelphia. As a past president of the Philadelphia Dental Hygiene Society and a ten-year attendee of CARERFusion. Lynn continues to research and collaborate to help dental professionals explore options for having their best careers.

Lynn works in private practice and is the owner of Practice At Your Best, LLC


2 Hours



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