Periodontal Plastic Surgeries

Lecture and Hands On Experience With Cadaver


This VIP mentorship targets general practitioners to train the most recent techniques of periodontal plastic surgery involving tissue addition procedures, from the soft tissue donor area through gingival, to minimally invasive graft procedures. Our methodology has an emphasis on clinical applicability by practical training on cadavers that simulate the most common defects in the dental office routine.


Identification of critical periodontal zone around implants and roots.

Incisions design.

Root coverage.

Flap/flapless techniques.

Sutures techniques at tissue addition areas.


Prof. Dr. Guilherme Alvares Peixoto

Dr. Guilherme Alvares obtained his dental degree (DDS) in 2003 at College of Dentistry UNIFLU, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He obtained his Certificate in Periodontology from the Brazilian Dental Association in 2006, a Master degree in Dentistry from the Federal University Fluminense in 2017 and his PHD in Dentistry from the Federal University Fluminense in Rio de janeiro in 2021. Dr. Alvares is actively involved in fresh frozen cadavers hands-on in the United States and Brazil, he has personally overseen and performed over 3,000 periodontal surgeries. He is a Scientific Consultant of ADI. He has been a faculty member in two different universities since 2005 and until 2021, when he decided to open his own dental practice Art Design Dental Care in Utah in 2021.

9:00am – 5:00pm

Lecture and Hands On Experience With Cadaver




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